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Premium Organic Protectants and Bio-Lubricants ...
... the Original Liquid Lanolin and Lanolin Grease.

Corrosion protectant and lubricant
Useful for almost all aquatic lubrication and protection
Commercial shipping protectant for holds, fittings and general shipping applications
Withstands harsh weather conditions and constant immersion in salt water
Treatment and protection of timber products
MIG Nozzle anti-spatter

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Lanolene Products Lanolene is based on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Producing high quality liquid lanolin protectants and lubricant products along with cleaning solutions, suited to individual market sector needs  Citrx-Power, Industrial, Marine, Marinex, Minecote,Teflan, Timber and Spattex - for a wide variety of applications and environments.

Lanolin, also called wool wax, wool fat or wool grease, is secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals, such as sheep. Lanolin's ability to act as a waterproofing wax aids sheep in shedding water from their coats.

The wool from one Merino sheep will produce about 250-300ml of recoverable wool grease (lanolin). It is extracted from wool via a scouring process which involves washing the wool in hot water with a special wool scouring detergent to remove not only the lanolin, but also dirt, sweat salts and anything else stuck to the wool. The wool grease is continuously removed during this washing process by centrifugal separators, which concentrate the lanolin into a wax-like substance melting at approximately 38ºC.

Lanolin is used commercially in a great many products, including our range of rust-preventative coatings and lubricants. Lanolin can also be used to create a slippery surface on boat propellers and stern gear to which barnacles cannot adhere. Its water-repellent properties make it valuable as a lubricant grease where corrosion would otherwise be a problem, particularly on stainless steel.

Lanolin is an all-natural, highly effective substance which acts as a moisture barrier and lubricant. Its unique properties have been recognised for centuries. To date, scientists have apparently been unable to duplicate either the performance or composition of lanolin.

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