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Premium protectants and lubricants ...
... the original organic coatings

Corrosion protectant and lubricant
Useful for almost all aquatic lubrication and protection
Commercial shipping protectant for holds, fittings and general shipping applications
Withstands harsh weather conditions and constant immersion in salt water
Treatment and protection of timber products
MIG Nozzle anti-spatter


LANOLENE™ MARINEX delivers excellent lubrication, strand and core preservation of steel wire ropes. It is especially useful for marine cable preservation and service life extension. Admiralty Grade LANOLENE™ MARINEX Spray Solution is specifically formulated for commercial shipping, protection of holds, anchor wells chains and cables, ballast tanks and confined voids. It delivers excellent long term preservation, active protection and serviceability from corrosive action, and withstands marine weather conditions and constant immersion in salt water!!! It also supplements Marine Gear Oils.

Marinex products and prices are shown below :-

Product Code Description Retail Price
LMXXX2LCX 2 Litre Can $47.82
LMXXX5LJX 5 Litre Drum $94.44
LMXX20LDX 20 Litre Drum + Tap $352.72
LMX200LDX 200 Litre Drum Call / Email

Lanolene Marinex Products

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