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Premium Organic Protectants and Bio-Lubricants ...
... the Mariners Mate... Naturally Lanolin.

Corrosion protectant and lubricant
Useful for almost all aquatic lubrication and protection
Commercial shipping protectant for holds, fittings and general shipping applications
Withstands harsh weather conditions and constant immersion in salt water
Treatment and protection of timber products
MIG Nozzle anti-spatter

Marine Anti-Foul

Admiralty Grade The LANOLENE™ Marine Solution coating protects Hulls, and creates a Wax membrane over hull to protect [Restrictions iv] from the ravages of constant exposure to the harsh Marine Environment.

Technical Application Guide Ref: LMTGA01A
Msds: LMSMD01A



1. Immediately on slipping vessel from water, high pressure wash hull (3000 psi minimum) to remove all slime, salt, grease, oil, or any other surface contaminants. Ensure Epoxy Primer Coat sealer is integral and homogeneous.

2. Use of an environmentally friendly hull cleaner is recommended (follow manufacturers instructions), to attain removal of any residual LANOLENE™ Marine Solution coating, for pre-preparation of subsequent coats of Epoxy system coating and Anti - Foul systems (always follow manufacturers instructions).

3. Apply The LANOLENE™ Marine Solution coating solely, directly over an Integral Epoxy system sealer. (Do Not apply directly to Ferro, Timber, Steel, or Fibreglass Hulls [Restrictions i.]).

4. LANOLENE™ Marine Solution may be applied Directly on Aluminium Hulls.

5. Apply LANOLENE™ Marine Solution 2 - 3 coats applied evenly with Half Hour Curing between Coats.

6. The LANOLENEtm Marine Solution System works up to 3 � 6 month Slipping schedule, usually (barring repairs), pressure clean, dry and reapplication of The LANOLENE™ Marine Solution coating is sufficient, ensuring fast Turn-around on Slipway ( 5 - 8 hours /10 metres hull )[Restrictions iv].

7. Maximum growth release performance is experienced in Sub-Tropic to Tropical Waters i.e. ambient water temperatures >20°C. Colder Climate ambient water temperatures may (due to wax hardening) allow coral shell growth adhesion, however, this is usually easily removed (plating off) with Pressure blast on slipping [Restrictions iv].

8. LANOLENE™ Marine Solution Improves Hydrodynamic glide by acting as an impervious Wax coating and Release Agent for Barnacles, Coral worm, and Algle attachment [Restrictions iv]. While Static in the water Algal Growth will be as normal, However once boat commences moving growth will usually be dislodged. Best results achieved with High Speed running and consistent usage.

9. Underwater mid-cycle cleaning of Hull and fittings is easily achieved, using a soft (ie. plastic or timber) blade scraper.

10. LANOLENE™ Marine Solution must be applied to surfaces totally free of moisture.

11. The LANOLENE™ Marine Solution coating is optimal for vessels that are immersed for short periods or slipped regularly ie 3 monthly. This means a fast slipping, high pressure water blast and back in water. The LANOLENE™ Marine System is only suitable for vessels that Slip on a 3 - 6 month (or shorter required)[Restrictions iv]schedule.

12. ALWAYS TEST PATCH an inconspicuous area of hull for assured performance satisfaction, prior to total application. As all Waterways contain local unique Marine Biocultures it may be found that The LANOLENE™ Marine Solution coating is unsuitable as Marine Coating to that Locality.

i) Fibreglass, Ferro, Steel and Timber hulls must have an integral Epoxy System primer base prior to LANOLENE™ Marine Coating.
ii) LANOLENE™ Marine Coating must be removed totally (locally) prior to any repairs.
iii) Surfaces must be totally free of moisture prior to LANOLENE™ Marine application.
iv) Local Aquacultures Globally are unique, and, as Lanolene™ is Organic the effectiveness of the Marine Coating membrane is subject to the local prevailing Marine environment. It is strongly recommended that Trialling be undertaken prior to complete hull application.
v) Do Not apply directly over existing anti-foul systems.
vi) Due to the infinite variability of composits / coatings / constructions / chemical reactions / constituents / and all other factors mentioned and unmentioned. The Liability for the use of this product is assumed by the user.

BRUSH, ROLLER, or Low Pressure SPRAY GUN (always wear appropriate safety gear i.e. mist mask, gloves and coveralls).

Not Required or Recommended.

Apply LANOLENE™ Marine Solution to hull at a rate of approximately, 5 Square metres / litre.
2 - 3 coats, 45 minutes - 1 hour curing between coats.
Allow 2 Hours full cure prior to vessel entering water.

Use Mineral Turps for cleaning equipment. Wash hands in warm soapy water.

AS1580.451.5 - 1993

LANOLENE™ Marine Solution is Flammable and remains so up to 1 hour after application.

The information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge accurate, but since the circumstances and conditions in which it may be used are beyond our control, we do not accept liability for any loss or damage, however arising, which results directly or indirectly from the issue of such information, nor do we offer any warranty or guarantee expressly or implied.


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